You Goofy Bastard – Day 235

Here is my vintage Goofy piece. I love this dispenser. The Teeth are on the side of his mouth almost as if he was a caveman. It’s like, does Goofy need to see an orthodontist? Ha ha, anyway i love these older dispensers. The ears are so flimsy and close to the head and it has that feeling of youth. I put him on this black, gray, and white board with red embellishments. There is a start to the left and a West Side sticker to the right. I like the way they block in the sides of his face. I wish i had more dialog for this piece, but for now i don’t. I wanted to use this board as part of a political statement (with the star) but I’m not sure if it has that mean now. This is a favorite, not quite a top 10 but it’s up there for its simplicity and straight forward appearance.