Mickey Rooney, Stop Clowning Around – Day 234

Here is my vintage Clown Pez. I think this piece reminds me of Mickey Rooney for some reason. Any way, I’m not a fan of clowns, in general, but for the sake of Pez I made this piece. My actual dispenser is a bit chewed up. Some little kid must have tried to eat the hat on it years ago, so the hat isn’t as neat as i would like, but i also like that it has that character (as a painting, not as a valuable dispenser). Any way, i put him on this fun green and red board and i think it works great. It’s a fun color harmony with the hat and stem, that was a no brainer. I guess there could be a dialog, and that would simply be the circus of our lives. I feel the greens and reds play into this “stop and go” life style. And the clown just adds to it, it can be the humor we find in times of stress, or it can be the nervous laugh we have when no answers can be found, or maybe its just that idea of “things were easier when we were younger” (as a clown usually caters to our youth). Whatever the viewer decides is the best answer if fine by me. There are a bunch of clown dispensers in the Pez line, i have another newer one to pull soon, but not too soon.