Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Skull – Day 233

Ok… so i’m having this struggle with my work to make it stronger each time. I recently picked up a vintage Skull that came in an orange stem. So… Here is my vintage orange Skull Pez. Yes, i’ve made 6 previous skull stencils. I really wanted to push the volume of the skull. I think when i started this adventure, my goal was to limit the layering; thinking it would take less time to cut. And now i feel more layers creates more complex images. So this is what i did. The skull has the 2 tones of tan/brown plus the high light. I love this piece! It started off rough. I used a neon paint that spattered out of the can all over and made a mess. Then there were puddles of paint on my image. Next the layering of other paints caused a chemical reaction and the paint pooled in droplets and cracked. I pushed it though, and in the end, the finished skull has some really fun texture under the surface which is visible through the other layers of paint. I put him on this orange board that i thought matched up well. I like the “SK” from skate visible on the board, which also leads you to the word “Skull”. And although i made a half dozen skull pieces before, I’m making more! i have some new dispensers called “misfits” and also the “crystal” skulls. So, i hope you enjoy them too. This is a new top favorite piece.

One thought on “Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Skull – Day 233

  1. Hi, Rich,

    Can I purchase this new skull piece for my collection? If so, you could bring it here when you pick up the ones from GOLD show and I could pay you then.

    Best, CTM

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