Spiderman Kind of Looks Like Pac-Man in Disguise- Day 232

Here is my newest “old” Spiderman piece. This is the vintage Spiderman, as you can tell from super hero’s of the past, they don’t have the added muscle and tone like all the new action figures and toys have. This is real life people! Any way, it’s such a simple dispenser but i think it’s really fun. I love the big eyes and the fat head, it just screams old school. I used three layers of red to help enhance the volume of the piece. I put him on a grey skateboard. There is no text or additives to it to suggest a dialog. I love the way gray makes any other color look so much more vibrant. I have 2 more Spiderman dispensers to pull. Both are newer versions, and one is the whole bust of the character. I hope to get to them created in time, but i have others lined up first.