You’ve Earned Your Stripes – Day 231

So here is my update to my Zebra Pez. I just noticed i pulled one of my stencils in the wrong color? Can you tell which one it is? It’s the mouth! I pulled it in black, and it’s supposed to be dark gray. So you don’t see the send layer of black i put over it, ha ha. It doesn’t look bad, but i noticed something odd about it before i was photographing it. I like this piece. I put it on a black, red, and white board. The black gives the image a nice drop shadow while also acting as a graphic element. I was pulling this in the cold again, and you can see within the stripes some of the red paint exposed. The stencil dragged against wet/cold paint and pulled a little. BUT! I like that too. I love the flaws, that show the “hands on” aspect. These could be pulled very precisely, but then I’m sure I’d constantly have to tell people. No, it’s not a print from a computer.