Sam, Sam, the Marlboro Man – Day 230

Here is my second version of Yosemite Sam Pez. I like this image more, because the pink didn’t run on the face so it’s a cleaner piece. I put him on this red, black and white board that is virtually flawless (with scratches). Obviously the board is broken, but this piece has a very “Pop Art” feel. I put him on this board to coordinate with the reds in Sams mustache, but it started to feel like a cartoon version of the Marlboro Man and cigarettes. I’m no opposed to that feeling, it’s just what i felt when i matched them up. I think it’s the cowboy hat and the reds that lead me in that direction. I really like this piece. On a random note, the full board said “West Side” and hidden under Sam it says “West”. As in the wild west, out west, etc… I just wanted to share that fun fact.