Wake Up! This Ain’t No Fantasy – Day 229

Welcome to the Royal Battler Pez piece. This is not your ordinary find, it’s EXTRA-ordinary. I’ll explain the Royal Battler in a minute, but what we’re looking at here is what the Pez community refers to as a fantasy Pez. It’s a dispenser that is not part of the Pez line, but is created by an artist. This is only my second fantasy dispenser (the first was John Lennon), and is the first one that is part of the 365 Days of Pez project. You may notice this is also a full skateboard. I did use an old board… well it was a former board of mine that had a painting on it and i worked back in to it. So for arguments sake i built this from a brand new board. I LOVE this board, i don’t own it anymore and it was hard for me to give up, but its now in the hands of the man, the myth, the legend…. The Royal Battler! Back to the art… I added text to this piece on the top of the board clearly highlighting the name of the wrestler. This was a 16 layered stencil. There are a lot of layers within this piece, not including the stencil layers. The rest of the board was built on the idea of strength, commitment, and dedication.

The board has these orange and yellow tones which are meant to symbolize fire and heat energy. We’ve all had the adrenaline rush through our bodies and felt that warmth that just fuels and perpetuates a moment with motivation and drives us to do something. That something can be wasted on negative energy, or it can be honed and directed for positive gain. This is a positive focus for multiple reason, i hope that was obvious. There is also a black circular motion that starts at the feet of the dispenser and spirals behind to the left and up around his head to the right. There are multiple variations for interpretation of this black circle. The first interpretation is for the artist/wrestler. Internally we (as creative minds) constantly feel the vicious circle of life in our professions. We work and we work, and sometimes it feels like we’re just a hamster running on a wheel in our cage getting no where. It’s the feeling of disappointment, irritation, and/or frustration. To the viewer, it’s a reminder that when the wrestler gets knocked down, he gets back up and seeks out success and winning, even thought his bones ache and his muscles are sore, he fights the repeated deja vu that is his life. A translation of the word “Circle” is also “Ring” and wrestlers perform in a ring. Finally, when the viewer reads or reflects on this piece in hindsight this black motion is no longer seen as a circle, but as a spiral. We still see the circular motion stated in the first two interpretations, but what is realized is that every time a circle was made it was made at a higher level. He still goes in circles, but a lesson was learned, and the next revolution was elevated to seek more information, and gain that extra footing with knowledge that was hidden.

Now lets talk about the Royal Battler (click on his name to see one of his matches). I met the Royal Battler last year at a Pez Convention, but he was in disguise as average person selling Pez. What a great disguise, i had no idea. It was like meeting Clark Kent, and not knowing Superman was in front of you. I asked him about some dispensers he had out and how much they were? He said in a low gravely voice “they’re not for sale…. what do you have to trade” it was the trading portion of Pez-a-Mania. I told him that i was a new collector and an artist. And in all honesty i had nothing to trade him. I only had money. He looked at me, then at the table and said “can you paint me a picture for trade?” I said “Yes, i can’t paint anything” and I accepted the offer. He allowed me to take any and all of the dispensers i wanted. It was one of those moments I knew that this guy was full of heart, trust, and gut instincts. He didn’t know me from Adam, and we shook on the deal. I took a handful of dispensers i needed for my work and exited his table. A few weeks later, i get the call (email) from The Battler, he says “i want to take you up on your offer for a painting”. So we began corresponding and discussing what i do and what i need to make this painting. A few months later, i finished this piece and shipped it out to him. He kept his word, so i kept mine. Prior to designing this Pez dispenser i had to do research on this professional wrestler. I watched countless youtube videos and sent many emails back and forth, but one of my favorite videos is this one of the Royal Battler making guacamole. It’s a must see, if you want to get in to the head of one of wrestling’s most passionate contenders. The Battler wears many hats, and one of those hats is cooking!

I’m sure you’re all wondering and asking yourselves if I know the real identity of the Royal Battler. I can not confirm nor deny his identity, but i can tell you the Royal Battler is making his way to the top! And you heard it here first. This piece of art has created a friendship and i would predict this is not the last time you see R!ch and The Royal Battler working together to make the world a cooler place. Be prepared to be entertained with what the future holds.