Cut from the Same Cloth – Day 228

Here is my Two Face piece from the other angle. This was a fun project, to create the same dispenser from 2 angles to make sure it was represented to it’s fullest. I intended this piece, and yesterdays piece to be a set. In fact i put them on the same board (broken in half) so they share direct similarities. I really love how the white and gray hair plays off the board. The board is a really simple white board with standard scrapes and scuffs in it. I like the idea of the skate board was once “whole” and now it’s broken in two. So it feels like twins, in the embryonic stage separating from each other. Essentially they’re the same, but each has its own identity. It reminds me of one of my favorite statements “being cut from the same cloth”. People always want to point out flaws of others, or separate themselves from the actions of others, but essentially we all come from the same place. We’re more alike then we are different.