Hulk, Say “Cheese” – Day 225

So here is my follow up to yesterdays Hulk. I painted this one in the darker pallet, that the dispenser actually looks like. This is a cool rainbow skateboard. I love the dark purple band on the right, i think it works well with the stem of the dispenser. I also like the red to the left and it’s play on his teeth. There are a few stickers on this board, and the one showing on the bottom right says “Wall”. I like to think Hulk smashes walls with no hesitation. There are other stickers under the painting. You can see the image bubble up a bit, but i try not to alter the boards if i don’t have too. I like this piece a lot, i don’t think rainbows and Hulk are 2 things usually talked about in the same sentence, but here we are with the two of them merged as one. I like this piece as much as do yesterdays Hulk piece.