Knock, Knock… Roo’s There? – Day 223

Here is my Roo Pez piece. I think this makes the Winnie the Pooh series complete. I believe there are only 5 dispensers in the series, and this is my fifth character of that series. Ta-da! I have limited info on Roo. I vaguely remember him from the cartoons and books, but i do have him as dispenser! I put him on a blue Westside board, and think the piece really comes forth, and handles foreground and background space well. The board is simple but effective. I had to not only sand down the stem, but in this case i filed down his ears to fit the contour of the board. I really like this piece. Sometimes simple works, and sometimes the more complex pieces work, but in the end I’m learning how to handle both types of work and be satisfied with them.