Why You Pesky Little Varmint – Day 221

Here is my Yosemite Sam piece. I really like the way the image “could” have come out. I used 2 different brands of paint, and being cold outside, one of the cans sprayed more of the binder (not the paint) which seeped through my stencil. you can see pinkish/white puddles on Sam’s face. it’s not horrible, but it’s not what i would like. And what’s this? The board is upside down? It’s the first time i put the rounded part of the board at the bottom. I did this because of the imitation liquor label that was on the skateboard. The outline follows the hat and being the Sam is from the old west, a Jack Daniels type label just fits the bill. I really like this piece despite the paint spill and i like having the freedom to flip the board and feel that it still works well with the series. I also think the color concept works well between Sam and the board.