Do Female Horses Wear Ze-Bra’s?- Day 219

Here is my Zebra Pez from the Movie Madagascar. I haven’t seen the movie, but from my research this is Marty the Zebra. I love the texture of the stripes on this piece. The stripes really help strengthen the form of the head and make it a believable 3D surface. I was a bit upset when i was painting it as i was fighting nature. It’s been windy and cold, which makes it hard to spray paint. My dry time on the spray paint must be 4 -5 times longer in the colder weather. And when the wind kicks up in my garage, so do my stencils. It can be a bit aggravating to combat against. On a positive note, i love this board. I wish it didn’t have so many blowouts from the paint (which i guess are minimal), but i really like the image and the board together. The board has text on it, but I’m not sure at this point what it all said. I used the board because of it’s color harmony to the image.