That is One Ugly Baby – Day 218

Here is my Cherub piece. I was really excited to lay this out, and now… not so much. I have to say (honestly) how not happy i am with this piece. I feel it doesn’t have the volume or shape that i wanted or expected. I’m not sure what went wrong. I could have lit it poorly, or missed some key shadows and high lights, but whatever it is i don’t like it. The dispenser actually had darker hair, like a mid brown color. And my blonde gold locks aren’t cutting it. I’m going to pull it again with a few color alterations to see if perhaps its’ the levels on the colors, or if this just a bad stencil. I wanted to post this because viewers and artists should know that not every one is good or great. Once in a while you get a bad piece of art and you learn from it in some what. Ironically, the sticker under the Cherubs wing is for “sour” icebreakers candy. And this piece has left a visual sourness in my mind.