I can Count to 31, But Can You Count Dracula? – Day 214

Here is my Dracula Pez. Today is Halloween, but the city i live in has postponed it until Saturday do to Hurricane Sandy and all of her rain and wind. Any way, he is a newer dispenser that glows in the dark. I like the idea of the classic monsters (like the Werewolf, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Frankenstein) that are part of the vintage series, but i think this Dracula is too “cute”. I like the piece as art, but the dispenser just doesn’t do it for me. I put him on a board with some elegant patterning, and colors that work well with the dispenser. I really like the stem on this piece. I painted the first layer in red, so when i sanded down my image the red shows through. It’s kind of a happy accident, and i might use it for other pieces. Again, i like this piece of art, but the actual dispenser doesn’t tickle my fancy.