Scrat the Saber Tooth Squirrel – Day 213

Here is my Scrat the Saber Tooth Squirrel from the movie Ice age. I had to look this one up, i won’t lie. I thought it was a saber toothed rat, ha ha. I have this Pez along with the rest of the Ice Age characters, but I’ve only seen parts of the movie. I love all of the ice age dispensers, they’re so “goofy” looking. I say that only because we don’t see creatures like this today. A squirrel with huge teeth? Now that’s funny! I put him on this board with some deep maroon and green tones, that i thought worked well with my color pallet. I also thought the patterning of the design had a leafy feel, perhaps a habitat. I like the image, but I’m not sure on my 3rd brown layer on the face. It feels incomplete or perhaps i should completely scrap it that layer. It just doesn’t read “awesome”. I like the over all piece, but I’m not in love with it.