This Little Piggy Went to the West Side Market – Day 211

Here is my Piglet piece! This image has been sitting on the chopping block almost since day one (no pun intended). I didn’t have the variety of pinks to make the image have the volume i think it needed. But i recently picked up a few other brands of paint to get those extra shades. The lighter shades are so much fun, they’re only 1-2 values off from each other. When i was cutting out the stencils i was like, ehhh, i hope its’ not too much (because the stencils show positive and negative, not gradations) but the second light pink paint layer really made the surface soft and gave it that push i needed. I really like this piece. I put him on this orange and pink board with some black elements. There is nothing crazy about the board, and there is no direct dialog either. I just like the color splashes it added. It’s not overbearing and i think this piece could work for a male or female easily.