I Call this Trick, the Bunny Hop – Day 210

This is my newest bunny/rabbit piece. I think this would fall under the holiday or Easter Pez dispenser. It’s not really a vintage piece to my knowledge, but it has that vintage look. My buddy Jeff gave me this dispenser with a few other for my birthday, so… here it is. The dispenser is very light. The pinks are almost white, and the white face almost becomes part of the stem. I think my painting half illustrates that, but also half enhances the colors and bumps up the saturation of the pink. I put this image on an aqua board. I like that color combo of pinks and aqua’s, it has a classic/retro feel to it. I picked the board for its color, although there are some letters and other text visible. They don’t really push my interpretation in anyone direction, but to the right are the letters P & S. My gallery was called The Pop Shop and on hand written letters, if you had something else to add, you would write P.S. So maybe that is the artworks way of telling the viewer, wait… i have something else to say. Either way i like this board. It’s very retro/classic.