Bat-ter’s Up – Day 209

Here is another version of Batman. I call this one the Michael Keaton Batman. It’s that 1980’s/1990’s feel. Random fact: Michael Keaton and I share the same birthday (September 9th). He has the longer ears and the darker blue outfit. This image in comparison to the others i’ve cut looks smaller. That’s because the longer ears make my stencil smaller on the paper i use, which is 18 x 24. Any way, i put him on a black board, nothing fancy, that has nice dark grey to blacks on it. I tried to line up the black shadow on his mask with the deepest black tone on the board to get a feeling of the 2 pieces being one. I also like the breaks on the bottom right of the skateboard. It looks like a cave and plays into my work. I like this piece, but i love the vintage Batman pieces more.