This Hulk Doesn’t Have a Sex Tape – Day 204

Here is my second version of Hulk. As far as i know there are 3 versions of the dispensers. And the 3rd will be coming soon (which is the newest and most cartoon/comic looking). I think this is the oldest mold, and its basically all one piece. The hair is separate, but there are no painted features, so it looks really cheap! My favorite kind of dispensers! I love the hair on all of the Hulk pieces, they look like he’s a member of the Three Stooges, or like your haircut mom would give you when you were little. And if Hulk were real, i wouldn’t say that to his face, ha ha. I really like this piece. I went with a simple black board, and lost a lot of the stem, but it doesn’t bother me. I love that it’s only 5 stencils. Black, white, and 3 shades of green, make up the form nicely. I can’t wait to see all 3 versions when I’m done.