The Jokes on You – Day 201

Here is my Joker Pez piece. I actually made a joker stencil about 3 years ago, and believe me it didn’t have the layering like this one. I love this board! I love the way this piece looks so evil and dark. I don’t usually make work like that, but i think it was because of the sculpting of the dispenser it has that strong villain look. It still has a pop art feel, and the colors are vibrant so i think it works well with my collection, and rings as one of my pieces. I put him on a Thrasher board, and the red on the board is perfect with the Jokers lips. I initially was going to make the hair a little darker, and while painting i decided to go brighter. I like this combo, i think it really pushes the thought of “crazy and mentally unstable”. Don’t get me wrong, i used to bleach my hair when i was younger and dying your hair doesn’t make you crazy. I just think it adds to the piece, this electrifying type personality the Joker is known to have. I’ve mentioned before that i love having multiple layers of the same tone, and this piece is no exception. The jokers face has 3 tones of white/tan plus the highlight. I’d love to find 6 tones of the same color and really push the volume of my pieces. One day I’ll invest into some custom colors, but until then it’s all off the shelf paint. This is a new favorite piece, in my top 10.