Can Hue Help Me Out? – Day 197

Don’t worry, your monitors are not off in color. Here is a revisit to my Spider man Piece, but hes’ in Gold? I was invited to be part of a show called “Gold” at the Sandusky Cultural Center opening next Sunday. So i pulled 5 potential new pieces, but only have 3 board that are gold. So this is the first one. It’s Spider man, duh. I have some new stencils that i was going to try but when i limited my self to a mono chromatic pallet (in spray paint) the 16 layer stencils look muddy or bland when complete. They weren’t designed or cut for that style of painting. So i went back through some images that were already monochromatic (for the most part) and pulled them. You may have read about “Misfit” Pez Dispenser. I guess we could call the next few i post “Misfits”. ANy thing that was to be black is not brown or dark brown. So in person they do have this quality of gold statues.