Hereo’s in a Half Shell… – Day 195

Raphael KICKS in the Pez series today. Now this is a trip down memory lane. I had a suitcase full of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys and i played with them all the time. I have one memory that really rings out to me about the TMNT. When i was in 4-5th grade, my friend John and i were waiting for the school bus to take us home, and we’re talking about TMNT. I say look, i drew them (on a piece of note book paper) and they looked horrible, like some kids drawings do, ha ha. Then John pulls his drawing out (because we were all drawing superheroes) and i swear they were perfect! John was a great artist when we were in school (and i’m sure he still is). But that’s just one thing i remember that has art and TMNT significance. And for those wondering, John and I are still very good friends, even though he one uped me on my drawing skills back in the day, ha ha. Another appropriate reason for this work is that in a lot of the posters, comics, and cartoons of the TMNT; they were always riding on skate boards. There are 2 different versions of the TMNT Pez dispenser. The first series I’m aware of is the one posted. They all have the same face and bandana, but in a different color. The other series each turtle has its own facial expression. I don’t own any of the second series yet. I picked the board for 2 main reasons, the first being the color harmony within the green family and making the over all piece a complementary color scheme. The second is for the “M” shape with the dark blue-violet lines on the bottom of the board. It suggests the word Mutant, in my opinion. Well i guess we know what’s coming if i have Raphael done. More crime fighting pizza eating heroes are on there way.