A Stab in the Back Always Hits the Heart – Day 194

Here is my second Valentines Day Heart piece, but first on a skateboard. I really like this piece. I usually would look for a board with complementary colors (in this case red), but i felt the black board really enhanced the dramatic symbolism in this piece. A heart is so universally used, sometimes overused or cliche at points, but i think it works very well with the heart. There is minimal black in the piece, only in text, but black and red are a timeless pair. This piece like yesterday’s Buzz piece is longer then usual, but this board had a few things i think worked to my advantage being longer. The image on the board was the Raiders (football) logo, with the pirate character and 2 swords pointing down. Well the character is hidden, but the swords are partially visible. Again, cliche as it may be, the idea of being stabbed in the heart or back by a friend, loved one, or a companion is made between the board and the image. The text on the board said “West side” an visible is “W DE”. My mind says Wade (what ever that means), but I’m not quite sure what the viewer reads. Initials? Abbreviations?, or maybe we try to fill in the blanks? I’m sure it’ll read differently to everyone as art usually does. In the end i think its a great board that tells the story we all share in our lifetimes and that is heartache and the scare tissue (literally and metaphorically) left behind.