The Buzz Around Town – Day 193

Here is my first Buzz Lightyear piece. I think we can put this one in the top 10. I’ve gotten a few comments from friends saying how some of my newer works are showing greater depth and i think this is one of those pieces. There are about 14-5 layers to this piece, and i find myself making the layers more involved or technical, even if it means using a full sheet of paper for a minimal stencil opening. I think it’s a natural progression with any professional to continue wanting to make things more complex and more sophisticated. I find myself really worrying about forms and the volume of the piece based on the shadow or highlight in the follow up stencil. I used a skateboard that I felt like flashing lights in an alarm room in some type of crisis situation, perhaps a nuclear fallout shelter of some sort. I think the colors works so well with Buzz. The greens and reds, signaling “Go” or “Stop” in a crisis situation and the black diagonal lines read of caution tape all play into that feeling of an emergency. It’s a longer board then i usually like to use, but i felt it really worked well in this case. It makes Buzz stand taller, and really pushes the idea of a hero. A shorter board may not have proved the thought of standing tall in a time of need. Buy it now here.