It’s All About Moi – Day 192

Here is my second Ms. Piggy piece. You can buy it now here. I’m trying to get them up for sale as i post them, but as I’m sure some of you have noticed, it doesn’t always happen. I pulled this piece in a lighter purple scheme then the last one. I didn’t use the neon paints, so there is no cracking in the hair or other parts of the painting. I like the piece, but Ms. Piggy was never my favorite character, so I’m not really partial to her. I prefer Fozzy, Gonzo, and Kermit. I put her on a pink board, but more so for the reason of the darker blue violet “M” at the bottom of the board. You can see how the bold line looks like the letter “M” as in Ms. or Moi. I’m not sure what that line really is. It could be a letter, but it could also be a graphic. I can’t tell since it’s broken.