Maneuver Your Way Out of this One – Day 189

So this is my second blue bug. And as I’ve been told by my friend Charles his name is Heimlich. As in “I’m choking, does anyone know the Heimlich maneuver? I made this piece in a darker blue pallet which i think offsets nicely in contrast to the board i put him on. The board has some nice warm tones that work well with his reds on his antennas and yellow in the belly. I also chose this board because of the halo that is faded behind his head. It’s kind of like an old religious icon, not only for the halo but the shape of the skate deck. Or you can think of it as, if you choke to death you may become an “angel” and angels typically have halos. I like this board. I feel it has really strong religious/catholic ties that show parallels to Jesus on the cross. It wasn’t intend to be synonymous with religion but i feel that it just imitates or evokes that feeling in me. Just looking at Heimlich on the stem looks like he is on a cross or has been impaled. Or maybe I’m just reading to far into it. I’m not a very religious person, so i don’t know why these thoughts are coming to my head.