Knee Deep in Bee Heaps – Day 188

Here is my 3rd cereal piece (out of 4). This is Buzzy the Cheerio’s Bee. The last one i have to do is Lucky from Lucky Charms. I’m not sure what to say about this piece. I love cheerios, especially the honey nut cheerios. ha ha. I do have a random thought about honey. I bought 60 lbs of natural honey last year to make mead. If you’ve never had honey from a bee keeper, GET IT! It’s like candy. And there are so many types of honey, pending the season. Not to mention the health benefits of honey. Just google it, and you’ll see thousands of pages with the benefits. I don’t even have a solid reason for the board i picked either. Sometimes you just know when it works. I didn’t pick it randomly, i really liked the way the blue diagonal line bisects the bee’s head. There was also some orange in the board. The grey scuffed bottom looks really nice against the black and grey stem. So the color harmonies and direction of the colors on the board lead me to the connection with the image. On an inspirational note, i was invited on a field trip for the University i work for, and we stopped at 2 galleries in Cleveland I’m ashamed that I’ve never been too before, The Loren Naji Studio and Gallery and The William Busta Gallery. I love seeing work, but i really love the insight from gallery owners and the artists themselves. We have so many gems in our city that i think everyone should stop out. You’ll be inspired in one way or another, i promise. Thank you to all the artists that pour their all in these works, and thank you to the gallery owners who believe in those artists. High five!