Don’t Bug Me – Day 187

Here is my bug Pez! I think it’s from the move a bugs life, or one of those Pixar movies (don’t quote me on it). I vaguely remember this bug eating a lot or loving food. I’ve stared at this piece for a while and finally pulled it out to paint. I put him on this pinkish board to compliment the stem. I like this piece, its not in my top 10 but i do like it. I wish i knew more about the bug, and then maybe a dialog would develop.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Bug Me – Day 187

  1. Hi, Rich,

    Today’s character is named Heimlich. He is a caterpillar clown with a German accent who is part of P. T. Flea’s circus in Pixar’s *A Bug’s Life*.. You are correct in remembering that he likes to eat.

    Regards, CTM

  2. Thanks Charles, I’m sure i could have googled it, ha ha. I was either lazy or in a rush. I’m working on his follow up, and now i can use his name with confidence. See you on the 14th.

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