I Think There’s a Rock in My Shoe, No its Pebbles – Day 184

Here we are with Pebbles Flintstone as my latest piece! Where do I begin? Today marks 6 months of Pez, that’s my half way mark. Wow. I feel like i’ve done so many of them, and i still have a lot more to do. But it’s so much fun, that i don’t see the “work” part of making the art. Pebbles reminds me of my daughter, who is one today! She has her hair in little pig tails kind of like how pebbles has her hair up. She also shares a similar resemblance to pebbles. Any way, lets talk about the work itself. The color combos work really well. I love the oranges and the scraped dirt marks that look green. They just pull the image to the board at the same time they help push the space with foreground and background. I love the stickers on this board. The bottom right sticker says “Since Day One”, how appropriate is that in the thought of the first man on earth was a caveman. Also, the sticker on the right says “(no) bones”. Again with the caveman thoughts and Pebbles having a bone in her hair, i think it plays with the viewers concept of the piece. So many of my works seem to have so much dialog like this one, and others feel very still. I really like this piece. It’s my fourth in the Flintstones collection, and I’m not sure how many characters were made for that series. There might have only been 4 characters. I’ll look into it.