What Did You Pull Out of Your Hat This Time? – Day 180

Here is my second Trix Rabbit Piece. I put him on a skateboard this time. I wasn’t sure if the cereal images would work on a deck since they’re shorter, the also become wider. But he seems to fit well. I picked up a new box of broken decks today and used one for this piece. You can see a bit more of the stem when it’s on the deck, and you can see how these dispensers are a little different than the traditional ones. I used a softer pallet on his face this time. I used warm tans vs. the grays from the last piece. I think it worked to my advantage. I really like this piece on a board more than the album. P.S. The dates on my posts are getting screwy. Yesterdays date has todays date, and todays date has tomorrows date. What’s wrong with my computer or my blog? It’s only 9:30 pm.