DECK the Halls… – Day 181

Christmas comes earlier every year, right? Here is my Santa Claus Pez Dispenser. I don’t know where to start. I LOVE IT! I feel that it has that vintage Santa feel with the darker flesh tones, toned down mature beard, and just that classic look it has from the “Miracle on 34th Street” movie. I really like the modeling of the face and beard, i think there plenty of detail but with limited mark making that makes it complex and simple at the same time. I put him on this board with a classic West Side Skate Sticker (which you’ve seen on other pieces i’ve done). I thought i was fitting because children are always on the mind of Santa Claus. Are they naughty or nice…? Plus the kid in the sticker has a striped shirt which makes him classic and contemporary, or a better word would be “timeless”. This finished piece is a similar to one of my vintage Captain America piece in the sense that there is a crack in the board that compromises the face of the image. Santa has a crack that runs through the top right of his hat. I don’t mind it. I think i would only mind if it destroys the face (like when i sand the stem down). Only in the last few years, i’ve gotten back in to the holiday spirit. I worked for a craft store for 7 years and holiday shoppers really put a damper on the season for me. This is in my top 5 of most loved boards at the moment.