I Love Lucy, in the Sky with Diamonds – Day 179

Here is my first Lucy board from Peanuts. I put it on a Kenny Rodgers album called “Tell it All Brother”. I found it very fitting, since Lucy is all ways giving advice and sets up her booth. As well, i like seeing the word “brother” as it is often used from the Peanuts crew. (ex. Oh brother) The image itself is very simple, but so are the peanuts characters. I like the overall piece, but I had a few drips, scratches and over sprays (as usual). I also like how the album has 4 silhouettes. I think it reads well with a head shot of Lucy. When you give advice or listen to someone, the thought is often that the conversation is a private setting and not for others to hear. So, the silhouettes kind of hide the identity from the viewer. Although, Kenny Rodgers & the First Addition name is on the album, ha ha, which would violate that “Trust” from Lucy.