Oh Baby, EWE! Got What I Need – Day 178

Here is my revised lamb piece. I had all intentions of putting it on a purple board, and then stumbled across this white one with marker on it. I’ve been holding on to this board from day one. Someone cut the bottom and it’s not broken like the rest so I think I never wanted to use it. When I put my image down the paper wrapped around the bottom perfect, and I decided not to feather it in with sand paper. Since the cut was so clean, I thought I’d leave the image clean too. It’s the first one I haven’t “beat up” so to say. I did sand the right ear down a bit, as it crossed the edge of the board, but you wouldn’t notice it unless you were holding the board. I like the way this piece turned out. I darkened the stem, and lighted the eyes up to change it up from the other one.