If Fitness had its Way with You, You’d be in a lot of Trouble! – Day 177

Here is my Heart/Valentine’s Day Pez Dispenser. I really like the shape of the heart, and the embossed sash that bisects the center that reads “Happy Valentine’s Day”. The pallet is really simple, a monochromatic red scheme, but again these are my favorite style of Pez to work with. I really love this album cover, it’s so odd. I guess people used to work out to records, because in the album came with a chart with the exercises. I find my mind laughing at all the oddities playing off each other. The big one is on the bottom right hand corner. It says “turn over”, and I could imagine the woman/instructor being forceful and demanding to the viewer to do as she says, or else! I also like the arrow on the right pointing down, in the idea that a lot of people don’t love working out, or that it’s a turnoff. On the flipside (no pun intended), some people love to work out and might feel that they turn to working out when a relationship goes sour. I think this piece could quickly decipher those two parties, when the question is asked. I also like that cardio works the heart and get’s it pumping, there is a bit of an over spray at the top of the heart. It looks like the heart is throbbing, and I love the happy accidents that help direct the dialog. As of now this is my favorite album cover. It’s just too weird.