I’m Cuckoo for Pez – Day 173

Ta-da. So i’ve saved all of these old record jackets from when i was painting on the records. The other night a light goes on in my head! Using a found object like a skateboard, is just like using a record album on the idea of working with what i have. So i found this Lawrence Welk album called “yellow bird”, and Sonny from the Cocoa Puffs has a yellow beak. A match was made. But wait! That doesn’t look like a Pez Dispenser, oh but it is! There were 4 mini dispensers made and put into General Mills cereal boxes including: Sonny (from cocoa puffs), Lucky (from lucky charms), The Honey Bee (from cheerios), and The Trix Rabbit (from trix). The dispenser have different bodies from traditional Pez, with no spring in them to push out the candy, a smaller stem, and a button to push up the Pez. It only holds like 6 pieces of candy. Any way, i tried to clear coat it to protect the old album cover from fading with a U-V spray and if you look at the bird, you can see how the clear coat reacted with the paint and wrinkled it. I don’t hate it, but it is upsetting when you are expecting a smooth surface. I also am playing with shadows on the albums (in the form of spray paint) as well as sanding some of the old cover down. I hope to bounce back and forth with albums and skateboards, but i predict that many albums will be appearing over the winter, since i have many of them and skateboarding will go dormant until spring. I love the idea of albums, i like this piece, but i found my groove with the decks, and now I’ll have to find a new groove with the albums.