YO! Duh for the Second Time – Day 171

So I did a second Yoda. I’m pretty sure this is the older version. It has a little less detail then the first one I made, but I LOVE the way this one came out much better. There are few versions of all the Star Wars characters so as I pull them out of my box o Pez, I’ll be making them. I put him on this smaller board with some fun green swampy monster tentacles (to the bottom right). I think my lighting was better on this piece (or my stencil cutting), so it all kind of works. That’s all I really have to say about the piece. I’m very happy with it, and tomorrow might start my new “canvas” day. The skateboards are getting low. I have a lot of small boards, but it almost defeats the purpose of making them Pez. You wouldn’t see the stem/handles well or at all.