Your Face is Going to Stick Like That – Day 170

Do you remember when your parents would tell your face would stick like that when you were a kid? I really thought I’d have a funny face forever. The mean things parents say to their kids… and now that i look back, it wasn’t mean… it’s super funny. Here is my revised Sponge Bob piece. I darkened the browns in the pants, lighted the eyes (shadows), and darkened the blues. I think this is a big improvement from the last sponge bob piece. The contrast really pulls the piece together. I put him on a TV static type board with diagonal zigzags. The board is really neural in black, whites, and scuffed greys. He has such a big “square” head that i let it fall off the top left side. But i like the composition. This is a new favorite. I mentioned in past post, that I’m running very low on skateboards. But i think i found a new/fun solution. Perhaps we’ll see one of them later this week or early next. I’ll let the suspension build. Dun, dun, dun!