Holding in Your Gut, Makes Your Face Do This? – Day 168

Here is my revised Mr. Bubbleman. He looks much more like the dispenser now. I changed his face to pink (vs. the flesh tone). I really like the overall monochromatic pallet with pinks and reds. He looks like a piece of bubblegum that is being blown up, ha ha. Perhaps that’s where he gets his name? I don’t have much more to offer on the image. The board is a pink Rob Dyrdek board and went well with the image. On a sad note, I stopped by the skate shop for more boards and the signs of school are visible. There were no decks! Eeks! With school starting up and winter on its way, I’m going to be forced to find some new “canvas”. I really enjoy the decks, but I’m sure I’ll find another creative outlet.