Are You Sponge Worthy? – Day 164

Here is Sponge Bob Square Pants, if you didn’t know! I’ve had a few requests for him at the shows this summer. So here he is. This piece has something like 16 or so stencils also known as A LOT! I always shoot a few references and when I was done drawing it out; I found the better reference with more shadows, ha ha. So, there might be a second one in the future (I’ll decide later). There’s also a Sponge Bob in his underwear Pez Dispenser! So I’d like to do that one as well. Anyway, I still kind of like this piece. It has the liveliness of the cartoon, and the all the quirkiness too. I think when I pull my 2nd one; I’ll use darker blues and browns to push the contrast a bit more. I put him on this white board with black lines and this yellow swirl to the left. The swirl is very minimal, but I thought the yellow was a nice color connection, and thought a spiral is a visual representation of the way Sponge bob thinks. His ideas are pure craziness that spin out of control, but all for the sake of fun and creativity. I think we all have a little Sponge Bob in us.