You’re Looking Kind of Ripe – Day 162

Here is my revised Gorilla Pez. I lightened the browns to enhance theshadows. I love this piece! I don’t think it’s the most technical piece I’vedone, but this one IS my favorite thus far. And since today is also my birthday, this board will remain mine. It’s a gift to myself. I’m not sure if it’s because of my fondnessof monkeys (Fact: I was born in the year of the monkey) or the vintage meetscontemporary flare, but it just feels right to me. I love that the board says bones on the leftand that it’s crossed out, as in don’t break any! And to the right it says moon man, which meansa few things to me. For example, I havea rocket tattooed on my arm reminding me that I can reach great heights and boundaries,and the moon is a destination many people will never see firsthand, but I planon making a trek through the stars. Andthe other reason I like the wording moon man is that I think artists sometimesfeel like aliens or people from another planet. We come up with crazy ideas and have obscure creations, it only makessense that an artist like myself can associate with that term. The arrows onthe top of the deck also secure the thought of moving up, and onward (as in therocket on my arm). I hope this projectof 365 days of Pez is that stepping stone to other great projects andcauses. Rounding out my jibba-jabba I thinkthis color pattern will be what I use for the upcoming King Kong poster I’mworking on for the Cinematic Redux show at Breakneck Gallery in October.