Go-Rilla, Go-Rilla, GO! – Day 159

Here is my vintage Gorilla Pez. It’s a precursor piece to an upcoming show called the Cinematic Redux show at Breakneck Gallery in Lakewood. My piece is going to be King Kong so… this will be my main image for the the poster. Anyway, this dispenser alongside the One Eyed Monster (yes! That is the name of a dispenser you dirty minded people) are almost the same piece. The One Eyed Monster is just missing his eye, duh! Ha ha, but it’s one of those vintage pieces I just love. I painted this one in the dark brown. It’s hard to see the details (in black) but that’s how some of them are cast (very dark). I put it on a classic “West Side” board and it also features one of the west side stickers on the top right. It’s a great monochromatic piece that I really love. The image is so cheesy/fake or so bad that it’s good; that it makes it look that much cooler. Do you know what I mean? I’m going to play with the brown tones and lighten them up to enhance the wrinkles in the piece. I really dig this piece. Stay tuned for the King Kong poster and the exhibit.