Ain’t That a Bunch of Rubble – Day 158

Here is my revised Barney Rubble piece. There are a few new interesting facts about this piece i wanted to point out. First, this board had pot/marijuana leaves on it. I’m not into drugs, never have and never will, but as the rules of my project go… I’m using what i find and try not to alter the boards. So, this piece may look pro-drugs, but its not. It does have the appeal of getting “stoned” as in the stone age. (ba-dum, bum, pish!) So that entertains me, and enables me to be happy with the piece. Also, this is the first board that is broken in the reverse. I put up a slide show to show how the board bends forward. I thought it was fun, and i hadn’t done a piece like this, so i left it bent. Also, it’s probably one of the most sensitive pieces i’ve made. The center of Barney’s face is hollow (because of the bend). It won’t take much to puncture the stencil on top. Overall i really like this piece. Personally, i wouldn’t buy it if i saw it at a show (purely on the drug relationship). I don’t care what people do with their lives, but its just not my thing. Get it, got it, good!