When You Odie, You Die – Day 157

Get it? Here is my first Odie (from Garfield) piece. I used to watch the Garfield cartoon like it was my job back in jr. high. And before that I remember taking Garfield comic books to read during “reading time” at school. It was either that or tower hobbies magazines. Let’s just say I don’t really like to read books, so I brought alternatives in, ha ha. Anyway, this is long dispenser. When you add the ears and the tongue it really makes for a fairly long piece. I had to put it on my medium to longer boards. I put him on this black and yellow board. I liked the way the arrow was created at his mouth pointing outward. I also like the broken layered wood at the bottom of the piece in red that plays off his tongue. I also like the way the shadows from the ears fall back over the eyes, and the shadow in the tongue. They’re minimal efforts, but I feel those little elements really make the piece. I dig this piece.