A Labor of Love – Day 156

Here is my updated Tweety Bird piece. I wasn’t crazy about the first one, but I think that was because the actual dispenser looks 90% like Tweety, and 10% cheep knockoff. But I’m overlooking that for the moment. Today is Labor Day, but I can’t quit this! So let’s work! Hence my title “labor of love”. I’ve made over 150 of these things and I’m not even half way there. I feel great on one hand thinking “wow, I’ve never made this much work in this span of time. And the other half of me is like I have more than 200 more to go, Ahhh! One day at a time, and I’m sure we’ll all get there together me and my 365 pez kids. Anyway, back to Tweety. I have this cool board that he’s on and it is actually blue metallic writing and outlines which shimmers great in the light (adding a bit of bling and visual distraction). But my little play on it is really the “ta” on the right hand side of the board. As in “I tawt I ta…” I offset him to the right to make sure it fit, and I don’t mind that he’s’ not center. It’s kind of like when you hear the Merry Melodies music and you see Bugs or Porky hanging off the WB logo and in the circle before the cartoon starts. The other big change was the blue on his eyes and stem. I used a lighter blue this time, nothing major just a small change.