Do You Ask a Pink Rabbit for Directions? – Day 154

Here is my follow up to my floppy eared rabbit. This one I painted in a pink and yellow scheme as some of them come in. I really dig the color combo, I don’t always think of yellow and pink as 2 colors I would use together, but I guess it falls in that primary color scheme. I put this image on a Rob Dyrdek board that has what looks to be the letters for North, South, East, and West. Or it could just be a fluke by the way extra letters fell on the board as there is also and “M”, ha ha. I don’t have much commentary on the directional aspect vs. the rabbit image. I think all animals have a natural instinct to direction, and I still get lost with my gps, but whatever. This board had a few stickers and bumps on it, as you can see on the right ear. It doesn’t lay as flat as I’d like it too, but I still dig the final piece.