Quit Clowning Around – Day 152

Here is my new Finding Nemo painting. I used a darker orange for this piece and i had a few extra blowouts with the paint, but i think it still came out ok. I put it on this murky green board. I thought it looked like one of those ponds at Cedar Point where all the carp hang out, and swim on top of each other. I know Nemo is a clown fish, but he kind of looks like a Koi. As beautiful as Koi are, they’re really just pretty carp. I’ve used Koi and bottom feeders in a lot of work. I like the idea of a cycle within life, and fish cleaning up after everyone and making things new again. I like the way the west side sticker is bisected by Nemos body. I like this finished piece, but i’m counting the days untill the 2 points on the bottom of this board break off. I left them on because i thought it was a unique feature, but they’re very fragile pieces.