X-Ray-Bit Vision – Day 151

Here is my Floppy Eared Bunny piece. I traded some art for this dispenser and others at the Pez-a-Mania event i was at. I think this dispenser is my most valuable one to date. It’s valued at $5! I don’t collect them for the value (yet), i collect them to paint them. Any way, as i always say i love the older more vintage like dispensers. They have less color/paint on them and i really have to rely on the shadows and highlights of single colors to make the image work. So this dispenser is pretty much yellow and green. As i mentioned in yesterdays post, I’m pushing a 3rd shade in some of my colors, and in this piece i did it in the yellows and the greens. I put this piece on another one of my glow in the dark boards. This board shows the word “Ray” as in X-Ray. Rabbits are known for eating carrots and having great eyesight, so in a comical sense i was thinking they could have x-ray vision. I really like this piece and i feel like this dispenser is one of Pez’s classic designs. Buy it now!