How Much for that Bag of Bones? – Day 150

Here is my new Skeleton Pez Painting. I’m going to try to get them up for sale as i post them, so…. buy it here now! I tried something new with this piece. I bought a very faint green (almost white) that i’m using on some of the glow in the dark dispensers (which this is). I think it lends itself to milky green plastic during day light viewing. I also started playing with subjective color, yay! You can see the reflective color in the black helmet, on this piece i used dark green to match the board. The board is a perfect fit for this piece. The board is one of my new “glow in the dark boards” (fitting) and to the left of the image is a pair of surgical scissors that look like they were found in an x-ray. And since we find bones in our x-rays it’s a home run collaborative between board and image. This is also a first piece to have additional painting on the stem of the dispenser. I really dig this piece. There is a bit too much black paint on the teeth from the paint blow out, but i can live with it.