What Planet are You From? – Day 149

Ok, maybe Pluto isn’t a planet anymore but it was when i was a kid! Here is my first Pluto piece. I’ve really been expanding my color pallet or value range within my pallet and this piece can show some of my new “pushes”. It’s not always easy to get a nice family of values in spray paint, so some color have one or two shades. But if my image allows i’ve been pushing 3 colored levels (plus the highlights). On Pluto you can see there are 2 shades of yellow, and then a tan that i’ve used as my 3rd shade of yellow. My earlier pieces really only reached 2 shades. But i really like the third level, when i can utilize it. I think it really helps exceed the expectations of my work. I’m not trying to over complicate my “pop art/contemporary” style. But i started noticing a lot of stencil artists living in the single stencil world with very flat images. So i want to be the guy who layers them and shines a bit more for doing so. Any way, keep an eye out for my 3rd layers of color to my work. I love this piece! I don’t usually put a stem/handle or head that is so close to the board color directly on top as the image is swallowed by the board. Pluto’s stem is very close to the board color, but i felt that the head was so strong it made for a good final piece. Plus when i sand down the handle it added more white to the piece, which also looks GREAT with the worn top portion of the board. There was a great sticker with a moose on it that said “maple decks”. I covered most of it but you can see the word “decks” still under Pluto’s mouth. I think it really think it sums up my series in one word.