Pixar, No I Pick Nemo – Day 147

I Found Him! Here is my newest piece Nemo, from Finding Nemo. I caught half of the movie last week when it was on TV, and I just love the Pixar and Disney movies. My daughter is just starting to recognize cartoons so we watched Finding Nemo until we had to leave for the day. Any who, I love this piece. It’s created on a complementary pallet and I think Nemo just pops off the board visually. The board is simple and not too scuffed up (at the top) like a lot of my other pieces. There is a giant letter “A” that is behind Nemo in black and outlined in white. Although the way the image is positioned it doesn’t look like a letter. I thought it looked more like a fin. Perhaps the dorsal fin of a shark named, Bruce. But the overall piece reads well to me. The bottom has that murky look when fish kick up dirt, and then it gradually gets clearer as the water gets higher. One really interesting fact about the dispenser is it has two different size fins (like in the movie) so picking a side to paint was difficult. I chose the side where his fin is smaller for a few reasons. But the main reason I chose it was to state peoples individual differences, whether good or bad, they outline what we are and really define the character of that person. So I went with it. Everyone should be o”rich”inal!, not the same.